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Our focus


We build Real Estate property that allows people to live and work in the same place. 

We make people more productive by taking them out of commuting.

We make families prosper by giving them more time with each other!

Goods and services are provided at lower costs and prices, what impact the lives of others.

SUD Fund invests in residential properties that are leased to low-income families who are offered employment opportunities in the same location.

SUD Fund also invests in commercial properties to local entrepreneurs who live within or near planned Urban Developments.

Employment opportunities are created through shared economy and traditional jobs and managed through an NGO designed for this function.


SUD Fund I (Nov/15): is currently investing in the construction of an Outlet Mall in Natal/Brazil segmented in affordable clothing. Merchandise that will be sold in this Outlet called Natal Moda, is primarily made by small and family entrepreneurs, that produce  In-house or small industry.


In Phase I, Natal Moda will generate direct and indirect employment that exceeds  3000 workers, in the following 3 phases, more that 10.000 direct and indirect employment positions will be created.


The construction began in late 2015 and will be concluded by 3Q16, operations will start in 4Q16.

Local employment generation increases local spending that supports higher than market real state returns. SUD Fund I is already performing above projections.


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Reason Why

According to the UN data, 500 million homes will be in demand in the next 25 years, most of the low income homes

Affordable homes are typically built in regions with low or no urban infrastructure and far away from employment opportunities.

Large metropolitan regions impose daily commuting routines of 4 to 6 hours per day from dormitory cities and neighborhoods to employment generating centers. This enormous waste of time decreases productivity, and contributes social distress, pollution, violence, as well as government expenditures and deficits.

Companies and Governments present practically all employment opportunities worldwide. Self-employment is viewed as a marginal opportunity for unemployed and risk-taking entrepreneurs. Shared economy with examples of Uber, AirB&B, and others have brought economy of scale to the self-employed.

Shared Economy employment opportunities can unlock billions of hours of productive work that are wasted in commuting, decrease pollution, decrease social stress and provide prosperity to billions that are locked in a “cast-society”.

SUD Fund management sees this opportunity to bring prosperity to thousands of families while providing higher that market returns to real estate investors.


SUD Fund I

SUD Fund I (Nov/15): is currently investing in In-house produced clothing Wholesaler unit that will employ more than 3000 workers. Construction will be concluded by 3Q16, operations will start in 4Q16.

Local employment generation increases local spending that supports higher than market real state returns. SUD Fund I is already performing above projections.

SUD Fund II – In-House work affordable housing development

SUD Fund II is investing a new concept of affordable housing that was designed to provide In-House employment opportunities through telecom technology. The furnished unit and condominium are equipped with high speed fiber optic internet network, IP-pbx systems, virtual servers and contact center software. Lessees will be able to offer contact center services within their apartments without having to physically commuting to contact centers. Lessees will be formally self-employed and will contract technology services from the local NGO (AABRE). The NGO provides open source systems that can be personalized by third party consulting firms or by contractor IT personnel. Contact center companies will be able to enjoy a 60% cost reduction while providing In-house local employment with 100% higher wages.

SUD Fund II purchases units from local Special Purpose company at a fixed price that will allow a projected 10% return on investment in lease plus a projected increase in property prices indexed by inflation, totaling a projected gross 20% returns per annum.
Productivity gains and local income generation were not factored in the unit price, so fund managers project additional returns in it happened in SUD Fund I

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Who we are

Roberto Carvalho Dias, founder and Chief Investment Officer


In 2015, SUD Fund, Self-Sustaining Urban Development Fund, was created by Mr. Carvalho Dias to finance mixed use urban plans that integrate housing, infrastructure, public and private services with local employment generating systems based on the shared economy.


Since 2008, Mr. Carvalho Dias is the CEO and founder of LandInvest Desenvolvimento Imobiliário – developer of the Bosque Residencial, the Bosque Shopping and the Bosque Empresarial concept. Partnership development in three states, development of project financing for the first project in Natal with 2.016 units that is completely funded. Negotiated 4 plots of land in Macaiba (RN), Mossoro (RN), Fortaleza (CE) and Gravatai (RS). Mossoró and Gravatai development will be launched in 2016. Already has a total projected sales and projected property exceeding R$1,5Billion.


Since 2007, Mr. Carvalho Dias also is the CEO and founder of LandBank - Real Estate Consulting Company: R$14 Billion in development deals structuring in 12 Brazilian states in residential and commercial segments. Responsible for 85% of Inpar / Viver Landbank prior to the company’s IPO in 2007.


1997 – 2009 - CEO and founder of Itcon – Real Estate Consulting Company: 164 launches worth R$6,4b billion in 6 Brazilian states


1992 - 1996


Luis Roberto Natel, C0-founder, Partner, Counsel Member


Mr. Natel is an executive with a large experience managing operations in Brazil and abroad, acting at C level in companies like Accentura (consulting), Pepsico (baverages), Birmann (Real estate), Diveo (Telecom), Albert Einstein (Health).Since 2000 he has being a board member of Mr. Carvalho´s companies and recently at LandInvest.


Paulo Kroeff, Managing Partner – LandInvest Rio Grande do Sul


Mr. Kroeff has more than 40 years of accumulated experience in both international and Brazilian domestic marketing, finance and management. He was one of the pioneers in the Brazilian effort to develop export business for manufactured goods in the 1960’s. He worked in the real estate and financial industries, developing large scale housing projects and acting as a “trouble shooter” for projects facing difficulties. He has worked as a consultant for tens of Brazilian companies searching to enter and/or expand their export business.

He has served the government of the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul as CFO of the Water and Sanitation Company (1991-92) and under Secretary for Planning and Administration (1993-94). He has represented the same State in negotiations with the World Bank and the IDB – Inter American Development Bank for financing of major projects.

Mr. Kroeff was a resident of Florida for 15 years and during that time he participated in many projects involving trade between the United States and Brazil. He currently manages LandInvest’s Gravataí project.


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Our proposal

We offer properties designed to be built and leased to high growth and high demand affordable segments, that can provide higher-than-market returns. We design projects to deliver 10% gross return on investment in leases in addition to another 10% return on investment in property evaluation in Brazilian Reals



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